On the day

Workshop organisation

On the day, participants present their positions in a poster session, we will run an ideation session using the privacy-by-design cards to brainstorm new forms of consent and withdrawal, and the afternoon will be spent designing in small groups. Concrete outcomes of the workshop will include a map of the design space, and design ideas that exemplify the future IoT- enabled sharing economy. We seek to encourage follow up activities such as joint publications and workshops.

Poster session

All posters will be displayed around the room. Each participant will have the chance to introduce themselves and their poster to all participants for 2 minutes. After the introductions, participants will have time to follow up and mingle freely.

Privacy-by-design session

This session will make use of tailored ideation cards to consider some of the privacy and broader ethical issues arising from the practicalities of an IoT context. Participants will be divided into small groups and, through guided activities, asked to imagine creative solutions to key problems (such as sustaining user awareness and control, managing consent, and withdrawal). The activity is intended to stimulate creative solutions at the inception stage of systems design.

 Hands-on mapping and prototyping session

Based on inspiration from the participant talks and the privacy session, we will map the emerging design space. In turn, low-fi design probes that exemplify the IoT-enabled sharing economy will be developed in groups. We will provide paper-prototyping material, as well as a number of IoT bits (see figure 2), such as GrovePi sensor kits including accelerometers, light, motion, temperature etc., BLE motion tags, and low power radios. We will also provide some seed applications for the IoT sensor data that do not have proactive functionality—the challenge will be to envision the ways in which these systems can be appropriated towards proactive IoT-enabled sharing applications.